The same as the logo on the right. Catenian logo surmounted by 'Wimbledon Circle' and underscored with '1918 - 2018' all on polished gold

Wimbledon Catenians
Strengthening family life through friendship and faith

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To contact the circle please use the form below to email one of the following:
The Secretary (generally for existing members, also for Press and Publicity)
The Membership Officer (generally for individuals who might be thinking of joining or who seek information)
The webmaster (for information, queries or news regarding this site)
Other officers.

Your communication will be sent as an email bypassing your normal email facility. However, for your records a copy of your message will be sent from [email protected] to any any return address you give.
If you require neither such confirmation nor any answer by email, you do not need to give a return address

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The Membership Officer may also be contacted by phone on 07908 727 084
and the President on 07736 424 111

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