Provincial weekend 2019

On arrival ..

... were welcomed by the chief assistant to the assistant chief

settled to our cofy rooms ...

where a gift and a name-plate were a welcome sight

Later on we could explore the hotel's extensive grounds

Food is always important, this on the informal Friday evening

Our President sported his Tibetan hat

Peter had constructed his very aptly

Most had heeded the joining instructions and wore fancy hats

Even the judges joined in the theme!

Without doubt the highlight of the evening was a local Troupe of nuns whe sang extracts from the sound of music.

Thdey alternated with senior-brother goatherds.

and a chicken!

On the Saturday some made an excursion to the Arundel Wetlands

Where in an absolutely silent (electric) boat we had a short tour

just six people to a boat

This section is open and free so we saw a few ducks

and a distant view of Arundel Castle

There was also a nice quiet spot

There was a lot to enjoy at the Amberley Museum

like this Lambretta carrier

It is interesting to see how Public Utilities made use of 'vehicles'

like the bicycle and the sevice van

There is even an early electric car!

There are also many narrow-gauge relway artefact ..

such as this locomotive

Finally a train ride ...

providing the crossing gates were shut!

Some even went to the castle!

On Saturday there was a different class of entertainer

Dancing together

Another well-known couple on the dance floor

Mrs O'Shea (snr) with two daughters and a son-in-law

and here we all are!



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