Photo Night 2017

The ladies could sample canapes

or view the pictures

The raffle was in safe hands

Guildford had a good evening

but someone was a little reticent

After soup and main, but before cheese and coffee, chocolate mouse was on offer

Bill had organised a fisplay of past Circle events

and his wife, Helen, won the vox pop category

The cup was received on behalf of Geoff Bignall of Guildford

The Barbara Golden sheild went out-of-province to John Woodhouse of Norwood

Christopher Woodward managed to stay in the frame

A better picture of Chief Judge, Mark Potter, Provincial President

Brother President Adriam Mann presented momentos to the judges: Jane Potter

Geraldine Limna

annd Mark Potter

and thanked us all

One Visiting Gentleman

and another

The first of seven pictures of the dining tables,

which, hopefully, show all who dined

table 3

table 4

table 5

table 6

table 7

'Fun' pictures board 1

'Fun' pictures board 2

'Faith' pictures board 1

'Faith' pictures board 2

'Family and friendship' pictures board 1

'Family and friendship' pictures board 2



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