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Wimbledon, and other significant, events

Database updated: 21 Apr.  KEY:   Ladies are invited on those dates shown in bold letters

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KEY: Presidential out-visit, "Provincial" event (Province or Circle),  Ladies are invited on those dates shown in this colour  Recently added or altered in bold

Circle Date Time Details
Osterley & District (355)Thu, 23 May7:30Ad hoc date for 100th Meeting this monthMeal c. £15.00 dress: SC
Wimbledon (33)Sat, 25 May12:00Pub lunch, Surrey Countryside
Wimbledon (33)Thu, 30 May7:30 1183rd meeting
Ascot & Sunningdale (319)Mon, 3 Jun7:30Dinner SC with J New Members evening
Wimbledon (33)Sat, 15 Jun Sacred Heart Parish BBQ
Wimbledon (33)Sun, 16 Jun Sacred Heart Parish Breakfast
Wimbledon (33)Wed, 19 Jun7:30Council at Simmon's
Sutton, mid-Surrey (37)Sat, 22 Jun Summer Ball (corrected date)
Wimbledon (33)Thu, 27 Jun7:30Light refreshments. 1184th meeting.
Wimbledon (33)Sat, 29 Jun17:00pulpit presentation at SJF
Wimbledon (33)Sun, 30 Junall daypulpit presentation at SJF
Wimbledon (33)Sun, 7 Jul President's Sunday
Wimbledon (33)Thu, 25 Jul7:30Light refreshments. 1185th meeting.
Wimbledon (33)Mon, 5 Aug7:30Council at Woodward's
Wimbledon (33)Sun, 11 Aug13:00Revised date (at Apr 19) for Circle Picnic. Venue TBC
Wimbledon (33)Thu, 29 Aug7:30Light refreshments. 1186th meeting.
Wimbledon (33)Thu, 26 Sep7:30Light refreshments. 1187th meeting.
Province 19Fri, 27 Sep Provincial weekend, Arundle, day 1
Province 19Sat, 28 Sep Provincial weekend, Arundle, day 2
Province 19Sun, 29 Sep Provincial weekend, Arundle, day 3
Sutton, mid-Surrey (37)Tue, 1 Oct7:301200th meeting.L adies Dinner. Dress: LS or J T optional
Wimbledon (33)Wed, 2 Oct7:30Council at Rhind's
Kingston & EsherSat, 19 Oct Joint 70th Birthday, Glenmore House
Wimbledon (33)Thu, 31 Oct7:30 1188th meeting. Photographic Night
Wimbledon (33)Sun, 3 Nov Circle Mass for deceased Brothers
Sutton, mid-Surrey (37)Sat, 23 Nov Centenary
Wimbledon (33)Thu, 28 Nov7:30Light refreshments. 1189th meeting.
Wimbledon (33)Wed, 11 Dec Circle Chrismas Party
Wimbledon (33)Wed, 11 Dec Christmas party
Wimbledon (33)Thu, 26 Dec NO MEETING THIS MONTH, see 11th for Christmas party
Wed, 1 Jan
Wed, 1 Jan 2020
Wed, 1 Jan
Wimbledon (33)Thu, 30 Jan7:30Light refreshments. 1190th meeting.
Kingston (141)Tue, 4 Feb7:30Dimmer. 40-year scroll, David Duncan-Skingle
Wimbledon (33)Thu, 27 Feb7:30Light refreshments. 1191st meeting.
Wimbledon (33)Thu, 26 Mar7:30Light refreshments. 1192nd meeting.
Wimbledon (33)Thu, 30 Apr7:30Light refreshments. 1193rd meeting.

KEY: Presidential out-visit, "Provincial" event (Province or Circle), Ladies are invited on those dates shown in this colour Recently added or altered in bold

This page lists all known Wimbledon events within the next 12 months, with events organisd by or for Province 19 or the Association and certain significant events of other Circles

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