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Wimbledon Catenians
Strengthening family life through friendship and faith

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About Catenianism

The Association

The Catenian Association is social club for Catholic men founded in 1908 with the active support of Bishop Casertelli, Bishop of Manchester. It has the motto "strengthening family life through friendship and faith". There are in excess of 8000 members and 300 Circles worldwide. Click for the Association website (Opens new page)

The Circle

Wimbledon Circle has currently (Jan 20) 27 members. Most of the members attend parishes within Merton but membership is not confined to a particular area.

We understand the pressures arising from the world of work on today's family. We know that there are many men who feel that they just cannot commit themselves further because life is so busy. We believe that membership of the Association is a helpful safety valve from some of these pressures. A member will meet an interesting group of Catholic men from different backgrounds in friendly surroundings. There are opportunities for social activities for them, their wives and their families.


If you think you might be interested in us we'd be happy to give you some more information; do contact us Our membership officer will be able to tell you more about us by telephone or in person. He will then invite you to come and meet us at some of our regular monthly meetings. We would also invite you and your wife to one of our social functions. If you like what you see you could then apply for membership.

We promise that there will be no pressure on you

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