The same as the logo on the right. Catenian logo surmounted by 'Wimbledon Circle' and underscored with '1918 - 2018' all on polished gold

Wimbledon Catenians
Strengthening family life through friendship and faith

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Senior members: 2018 ~ 2019

Central Council:

Picture of George

George Kaz

Picture of John

Vice President
John Hogan


ANC Presidnt
Ralph Fitzpatrick

Picture of David

Director of Development Areas
David Brinkley

Great Britain National Council:



Vice President
Phil Brown

Picture of Bernard

Association and GB National Secretary
Bernard Noakes

Picture of Kevin

Association and GB National Treasurer
Kevin Rafferty

Province 19:

Picture of David

David Arundale

Picture of Ron

Ron Vaz

Picture of Dominic

Vice President
Dominic O'Shea

Picture of Stephen

Stephen Piper

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