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Strengthening family life through friendship and faith

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Regular Social Events

These are family events to which ladies and the widows of deceased brothers are invited.

Clergy and Ladies Night

We invite the local clergy and our ladies each year to a dinner near the beginning of May to thank them for all their support.

President's Sunday

President's Sunday is usually held in June or July near the Feast of SS Peter and Paul, our patrons, by most Circles. It allows the recently-installed President to entertain his fellow Brothers and families. For Wimbledon the day starts with Mass usually celebrated in the President's parish and this is followed by a bring-and-share luncheon reception.

The Circle Picnic

A relaxed social ocassion in August which is held at the home of one of the Brothers or Widows.

Photographic Night

This very popular evening follows the October Meeting. Members from Circles across the Province and their families enter photographs for the Wimbledon Cup and, from 2006, the Barbara Golden Trophy. There is also a Supper. For further information See Photo Evening.

Mass for Deceased Brothers

This is an important occasion when we pray for the souls of our departed brothers and wives. It is held at the Wimbledon College Chapel on a Sunday in the second half of November at 11 or 12 noon. There is a reception afterwards.

Provincial President's Weekend

Each of the 300+ Circles belongs to a Province (20+ geographic areas). Wimbledon Circle is one of the 20 in Province 19. Every year our Provincial President organises a weekend away open to all Brothers, wives, widows, family and friends of the Province.

For further details of these and other possible events please contact the Circle

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