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Catenian Ties - 2011

Many Circles, Provinces, groups and events are marked by the production and sale of a neck-tie (or, maybe, of ties).  Usually these are available to those who attend the event or have some connection with it.  Other ties may be produced at the personal expense of an individual and gifted to the recipients.  There is no particular protocol regarding the wearing of these ties.  Some Circles, having a Circle tie, expect their members to wear it when going together on "official" visits.  Does one honour a Circle by wearing THEIR tie when visiting it?  Or does that lead to confusion?  It can be a mite embarrasing to be wearing another Circle's tie when their president, or members, are visiting one's own Circle!  Indeed is a good idea to wear such ties ONLY when attending Catenian functions?  Or is the best approach to wear them when NOT at Catenian functions so that the word may be spread?  Answers, on a pre-paid post-card to Head Office! (Or by letter to "Catena").

photo of some Catenian ties advert for Maxwell Paul, tie maker

On the left is a selection of actual ties:  they are The Grand President's Tie 2009~2010, the Harrogate 2003 Conference in gold, one of the three colours from the Eastbourne Cconfernce (2012) a Circle tie from Mensija (Malta), a general one from the Official Supplier, Sutton mid-Surrey's 1000th meeting, Wimbledon's 1000th meeting, a Woking tie produced for their 700th meeting in the Borough colours, the Bournemouth 2010 Conference in subdued colours, the Harrogate black one, Bournemouth Conference in bold colours and the "Gateshead" tie from the 2011 Conference.

The advert to the right appeared in the August 2011 "Catena" (and was used for the Bournemouth 2010 Conference ties)

The e-mail address given is [email protected]

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