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Wimbledon Catenians
Strengthening family life through friendship and faith

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Brothers with specific responsibility each month

Subject to change, variation and confirmation, also E&OE

Visitors reporting Sandwiches by Notes
Jan '18 Meehan & Golden (ladies night)  
Feb '18 O'Brien & Maher Sathanthan Mass for vocations: 6:30
Mar '18 O'Brien & Maher (Joint meeting at London S W on 28th) 29th is Maundy Thursday
Apr '18 O'Brien & Maher Albuquerque  
May '18 Rickard & Redwood (Buffet)  
Jun '18 Simmonds & Sathananthan Golden football watching after meeting
Jul '18 Simmonds & Sthananthan (Stag supper, TBC)  
Aug '18 Rhind & Rickard Lobo  
Sep '18 Rhind & Rickard De Lambert  
Oct '18 Power & Redwood Gilhooly  
Nov '18 Power & Redwood Gleeson  
Dec '18 (no meeting) (Christmas Party on 12th)  
Jan '19 Pieroni & O'Brien (ladies supper)  
Feb '19 Meehan & Mann Conlon Mass for vocations: 6:30
Mar '19 Meehan & Mann (Stag supper)/TD>
Apr '19 TBA & TBA TBA  

In addition to the above, there are the following other roles:

William Rhind
Charity Officer
John Redwood
Schools Liasion
Des O'Brien
(see 'Rota' in the 'Admin' group)
Widows liasion
Chris Woodward
Web Master
John Golden

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